The Jim Knight coaching model is research-backed work on what works best for teachers’ professional learning.

In this #PLtogether Lounge Talk with instructional coaching expert Jim Knight, Jim talked about his own approach to supporting teachers.

Here’s an excerpt of the conversation, or scroll down for the full captioned video outlining the Jim Knight coaching model.

Adam Geller- What is the Jim Knight coaching model?

Jim Knight- If you imagine four circles in a Venn diagram, one circle is the beliefs, one circle is the coaching cycle, one coach, one circle is coaching skills, and one circle is strategic knowledge.

Our set of beliefs are, simply put, that we see coaching as a conversation between equals, two partners.

Then the second thing is the coaching cycle. And the coaching cycle we use is what’s called the impact cycle. And so the impact cycle is kind of the manifestation of those beliefs. What does it look like when you live out those beliefs in action? And so the impact cycle is about, has three parts, identify, learn, and improve.

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